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About Multi x Education

The name “Multi X Education” comes from the concept of providing the education services to the community making the best use of my multi-skilled, multi-lingual and multi-cultural life style. Formerly my service was called “Animal x Education” deriving from my two university majors (Zoology and Education), but over the years my focus has expanded from the nature-related education to cultural understandings, then to accepting personal uniqueness. While continuing my community involvement with language education, origami, music and other cultural activities here in Cairns, now I would also like to extend my service to the young people in Japan, sharing my unique life experiences as a stimulus and send some messages that they may need.

Available services

• Japanese language education and translation

  • Private tutoring – after school and school holiday
  • Casual teaching – Education Queensland, Catholic Education, Independent School in Queensland
  • Translation – English to Japanese, written translation only


• Origami  workshops and artwork

I have been running community origami classes and workshops under the name of Origami Cairns since 2011. 


Previous workshop examples are available on Origami Cairns Facebook page

• Cultural music performance

Instruments: piano, Nardan-Harp (Taisho-koto) pianica, and taiko drum

Performance and recording log is available in my Facebook page Music albums.


 Yorkey's Knob State School Bon Dance party taiko drumming (2023)

 Vitalia's Italian Restaurant live performance (2021~)

Cairns Bon Dance Festival Nardan Harp performance (2022)

Cairns Bon Dance Festival taiko drumming (2018~)



・Educational programs for Japanese students and Japanese language learners




The service fee will depend on the amount of work and time required for it, but approximately AU$45-60/hour would be what I’d expect. Please contact me to discuss.



Please feel free to discuss about other kinds of work that are not on the above list, as long as the work is something related to my background and experiences.




Yuka Nakamura



ABN:83 906 996 332