Here are some sample works of the educational resources and programs that I have produced in the past. Some were made for my teaching jobs, some were donations to the organisations that I volunteered for, and some were produced as a paid work.


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Animal x Education program @ Sus juku

Feb-Dec 2012

I designed an educational program for a juku in Japan called Sus Juku.


I have designed 8 scenes that represent Japan's nature in four seasons (2 each in each season), which students are guided to make using illustrations and folding origami. Each scene has a theme that the teacher talks about, such as biodiversity, relationship between human and nature, adaptation etc. In the program students learn about each theme with the Powerpoint slides with relevant pictures and movies, then move on to the hands-on activity of drawing, folding and glueing to make the scene. Read more

LOTE (Japanese) resources

Teaching a kid's song with origami finger puppets

Feb 2012

I made those finger puppets of a pig, a racoon, a fox and a cat for a Japanese lesson for a two-year-old boy. I was teaching names of animals in Japanese, and I sang a kid's song in Japanese called "kobutanukitsuneko (こぶたぬきつねこ)". [Read more]

Prac teaching - Year8 Japanese

July-Sep 2010

Made worksheets for Year8 Japanese prac teaching. Students learned the body parts of the human and animals, and also learned to make sentences of how to say whwere animals live.


Target group: Year8 Japanese students

See details

Science / Biology resources

Prac teaching - Year8 Science

April-June 2010

Made a work sheet for explaining how the ecosystem is maintained in the rainforest, using my illustrations of Australian rainforest animals and plants.


Target group: Year8 Science students

See details

Explained the concept of food web using origami animals. Students also made their own foodweb diagram of their chosen ecosystem as a group work.


Target group: Year8 Science students

See details

Oral Presentation for zoology assignment

Sep 2009

This is a sample of animated powerpoint work for academic presentation assigned for a Zoology course at my uni. The animations effectively visualised the complecated experimental procedure and the (boring) analytical graphs to make the best use of given presentation time. See detail

Zoo/Wildlife conservation organisation

Work Experience at Singapore Zoo Education Department

Jan - Feb 2009

Spent 5 weeks in Singapore Zoo and worked with the Education Department. Experienced various work of Zoo Education including giving presentations, zoo tours, facilitating school excursions, running an event booth... see details

Bat Care Brisbane Educational Programs

Jan 2007

Made a Power Point slide show for a local wildlife protection society in Brisbane. It was made for their events to educate the local children about bats. It consists of quizes, fun animations and educational messages about wildlife conservation. See detail


Target group: Children in Brisbane



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