Yuka Nakamura

  • Origin: Tokyo, Japan
  • Current address: Cairns, Queensland, Australia

  • Education: The University of Queensland
     Bachelors of Science (Zoology) and Education

  • Occupation:
    Registered teacher
    in Queensland (Japanese / Biology)
    Currently working as a local substitute teacher for various subjects.

    Also doing private tutoring
    (general primary, Japanese, Science & Biology).

  • Hobbies:
     Piano, bird watching and photography

Contact me

Feel free to contact me for any inquiries about my work (origami, event participation, making educational resources, private tutoring etc). If you are school staff, you can find me through Education Queensland, TRACER or Catholic Education Relief Teacher list. 


E-mail: animal-education@telstra.com


ABN: 83 906 996 332




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