Origami Cairns activities (2011-2016)

2016 Origami & Pastel Art Christmas card making workshop

2016 Christmas origami earring making workshop

2016 Whitfield Kindy community event

2016 Gimuy Fish Festival

2016 Kumamoto earthquake charity event

2016 Japan Day of Hope tsunami memorial charity event

2015 Christmas card making workshop

2015 Christmas earring making workshop

2015 Peace Lutheran College Spring Fair 

2015 Origami Cairns activity_birds

2015 Origami Crystal & Colour Therapy workshop

We held another double workshop with Maki. This time we did a colour therapy and made origami crystals of the colours that they chose. Again the workshop fee we collected was donated to Maki's Smile With Kids project to support the children in Fukushima.

2015 Gimuy Fish Festival

It was an honour to be invited to the local Indigenous community event to educate the importance of caring our environment. I ran an origami stall for the children to promote origami as a way to reuse paper materials for their art & craft activity. Thank you to so many people who came to my stall, and also to the volunteer helpers who helped me throughout the day.

2015 Smile With Kids charity event

2015 Origami Cairns activity_St.Valentine's Day card making

2014 Origami & pastel art Christmas card-making workshop

2014 Origami Cairns activity_character and bird origami

2014 Origami Cairns activity_flower unit origami

2014 Colour therapy and origami crystal workshop

2014 Mother's day card making workshop

We held a workshop for Mother's Day card making with Maki's pastel art and my origami flowers. The workshop fee was donated to Maki's Smile With Kids project, which is to support the life of children in Fukushima who are suffering from the radiation of the nuclear power plant.

2014 Origami Cairns activity_Easter card making

2013 Christmas origami workshop

I was given an opportunity to run a workshop for the Christmas craft workshop series at Cairns Botanic Garden again this year. Besides the iconic Christmas items such as stars and Santa Claus, we also made Christmas stockings out of gift wrapping paper, and Christmas wreath out of expired brochure of Botanic Garden, as a way to enjoy crafts without buying any fancy materials!

2013 Paper art exhibition at Tanks Art Centre

Some of my previous origami artworks have been selected for the paper art exhibition at Tanks Art Centre:

-Cherry blossom chains (made from pink printing paper)

-Woven cubes (made from origami paper and A4 mis-print paper)
-Flower garden (made from expired brochure of Botanic Garden)

They were displayed in public from 22nd of Nov till 18th of Dec.

2013 Origami Cairns activity_Halloween

For the October class we made some Halloween-themed origami that can be used for Halloween decorations. I have also made a Jack-O-Lantern container that can hold some chocolates in it to give out to the children.

2013 Japan Expo origami workshop

Japan Expo was held on the 5th of October for the first time in Cairns, and I have participated the event with an origami stall. I decorated the stall with chains of cherry blossom and other flower origami that I made with my origami mates. I also held a workshop to teach how to make the cherry blossom and a rose. I really enjoyed sharing the joy of paper folding art with other people. Thank you very much for coming over!

2013 Origami & pastel art double workshop

We had a double workshop of origami and pastel art as a school-holiday program. I taught how to make origami roses and Maki instructed pastel art card-making. Both children and adults enjoyed making them, and we hope that this workshop gave them an opportunity to express appreciation towards people around them.


The instruction movie for the Kawasaki rose is viewable from this page: Origami 2013

2013 Origami Cairns activity_Mother's Day Card Making

We made Mother's Day cards with an origami carnation flower attached to it. Although we used the same carnation design, everyone's cards were all different and unique. Happy Mother's Day for all the mums!

2013 Origami Cairns activity_Easter Card Making


On the Easter Saturday we made some Easter card using origami bunny and chick! Happy Easter everyone!!

2013 Japan Day of Hope charity event origami booth

I took part in the charity event for commemorating the divastating earthquake that happened in Japan in 2011 March. I set up the origami booth to be part of the fundraising. I also performed the taiko drumming at the event opening. (See more photos from the event)

All the money that we raised from this event are going to be donated to three NPO organisations that support the better and healthier future of Fukushima.
Thank you so much for those people who came along to the origami booth and donated some money!!

2013 Rice harvest festival_Children's activity booth

※More photos are available on this page

2013 Origami Cairns activity_reptiles

2012 Origami Cairns activity_Christmas origami

2012 Christmas Craft workshop at Cairns Botanic Garden



There was a Christmas craft workshop at Cairns Botanic Garden Visitor Centre on the 8th of December and I was teaching how to make some christmas ornaments with origami. I promoted origami as a way to reuse christmas wrapping paper to make Christmas decorations. There were card-making and weaving activities as well.


The instructions for some of the Christmas origami are viewable from this page.



2012 Origami In The Gardens workshop -Unit Origami-



I held a public origami workshop at Cairns Botanic Garden visitor centre on the 3rd of November. The theme was Unit Origami and I taught how to fold and assemble Sonobe Unit. Lots of people turned up and we enjoyed making various geometric shapes such as cubes, pyramids and even 24-faced stars.

2012 Origami Cairns activity_unit origami

* The photos and the folding instructions of these unit origami are available on this page: Origami 2012

2012 Origami Cairns activity_anime characters

The folding instructions for some of these characters are available from this page.

2012 Origami Cairns activity_cranes and anime characters

2012 Origami In The Garden workshop -Roses-

2012 Origami Cairns activity -birds-

2012 Origami Cairns activity - insects -

You can see more photos of origami insects from this page: Origami 2012

2012 Origami Cairns activity -Easter greeting card-

2012 Origami In The Gardens workshop - Flowers -

The photos of the origami flowers in the display are viewable from this page: Origami 2012 > Flower display at Botanic Garden

2012 Origami Cairns activity -Origami toys-

2011 Origami Cairns activity -Christmas tree & ornaments-

Instructions for the Christmas tree and ornaments are now available from this page!!

2011 Christmas Craft Event @ Cairns Botanic Garden

Dec 2011

I have participated the Christmas Craft event at Cairns Botanic Garden on 10th of December.

There were 3 boothes of different crafts, and I was in charge of the origami booth. I taught how to make a Christmas Tree using an old magazine as one way of re-using the paper resource. Peper x'mas tree is also useful as it's very light and easy to move around, which is perfect for putting in the middle of the dining table only when you want to.

*Instructions are now available from  this page!!

2011 Origami Cairns activity -marine animals-

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